• Maddy

Welcome Baby K!

I was so honored to witness the birth of a beautiful baby girl, into a loving family, under the care of the doctors and nurses and Broward Health - Coral Springs Hospital.

Mommy did an amazing job making sure she did everything to assure her little girl's healthy and safe arrival! Daddy and Grandma were by her side the whole time, comforting, assisting and even entertaining! And then the doctor said... it's time! Everyone put their serious, work hat on... and started pushing and cheering that baby, until she arrived and the tears flowed freely! Baby girl was one of the "chillest" babies I've ever seen (and I've seen many). She let out an initial cry to let everyone know she was here... and then was too busy observing all that was around her, to cry.

Parents are in love with their baby girl, and they took the her home a couple of days later and have been bonding and enjoying their time with their new bundle of joy!

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