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Highlight the YOU in YOUr Brand

Personal branding photography helps YOU to market your most valuable asset... YOU!

You are at the heart of your business, and the core of your career. Personal branding is not only for business owners and entrepreneurs... but also for corporate executives, athletes, performers, and artists. If your career or business, depends on YOU, the individual, and all that you offer is key to YOUR success overall, then your personal branding is critical.

They say, that people do business with people they trust... but in order to build that trust, you have to put yourself where you can be seen, known, and where you can grow relationships.

Show others what it is like to do what you do, and how fantastic it is! Share your talents and passions with the world.  You want people to know what it feels like to work with you, before they’ve even spoken to you. It’s all about being visible and open to putting yourself at the forefront of your brand.

Recently, we at MaddyLens Photography had the pleasure of working with Mr. Edrick D. Rhodes to create images that would help Edrick do exactly that!

A little bit of background: Mr. Edrick D. Rhodes is the K-12 Arts Education Administrator for the School District of Palm Beach County. Mr. Rhodes supervises over 900 arts education teachers and supports curriculum for 30,000 students in the arts for the 10th largest school district in the country. Entering his 20th year in education, Mr. Rhodes is the Director of the USDOE Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination grant entitled the Arts Integration Cohort Project. As an Arts education advocate, Mr. Rhodes presently serves as the South Atlantic Advisory Representative; Partners in Education Initiative for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C.. Edrick recently completed a successful three-year term on the Florida Arts Educators Association Board of Directors as Supervision/Administration Division Director. In addition, Mr. Rhodes also serves on the education advisory boards of the Norton Museum, Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, and Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.

As an accomplished music educator, Mr. Rhodes currently lends his expertise to enhance the music education arena by working as a state and national music adjudicator, clinician and guest conductor.

Obviously being an educator, executive, conductor and advocate would mean that public appearances, performances, and even speaking engagements are on Edrick's agenda quite frequently, while also growing in his professional career path. His brand must represent his talent, advocacy, professionalism and his experience.

We worked to capture these attributes throughout this personal branding photography session, utilizing his fashion sense, emotive nature, personable character and posing. Resulting in a variety of images that can be used for professional profiles, social media, marketing and advertising pieces, talent bios, websites, performance programs, etc. After the session, and having received the finished images, Mr Rhodes expressed his thoughts about the professional branding session provided at MaddyLens Photography: "Words cannot truly express the stunning work of Maddy! She was the ultimate professional throughout my session. Maddy has the eye of a perfectionist and made me feel completely comfortable about myself and the session. I highly recommend Maddy as your professional photographer, she’s simply the best!!!"

Thank you Edrick!! Below are a few of the images produced during his productive and successful session!

Highlight YOU in YOUr Brand, and put your best foot forward with professional images!

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