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A few years ago, as a starting photographer, I received an inquiry from Yesse to photograph her Funclusion event. Little did I know the inspiration that I would draw from not only Yesse's kind and sweet nature, but also from her work, her personal resilience and her goal-getter spirit!

The will to live, key support and faith have led Yesse to fulfill a purpose by sharing her inspirational story and speaking out for the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities. Having battled spina bifida since birth, Yesse’s prognosis early on included limited mobility and dependency. It is precisely through these early struggles that she learned the overcomer "spirit", and continues to use that spirit to empower the South Florida community .

Yesse highlights these values and the importance of self-awareness through events, seminars, workshops and professional networking. She also founded Disability Programs & Training which offers services for training and preparation for independent living opportunities. In 2014 she decided to incorporate her love of the arts through entertainment into an event, FUNclusion, and this is where the collaboration with MaddyLens Photography began.

Her next event is scheduled for September 23, 2018 and MaddyLens Photography is a happy sponsor and attendee at this annual fun filled day of fashion, art, music and live entertainment! Check out her event page at: https://www.facebook.com/FUNclusion1/

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