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New Service in 2018!

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

I think most of you know by now that I provide photography services for mommies-to-be with #maternity photo shoots, #newborn portraits, and photographing your child's growth during that first year of life, and beyond!

But something has been on my heart for a couple of years now, but because of other obligations I could not pursue. Now that life has changed... and other obligations are completed... I feel thatI the path has been opened up for me to pursue birth photography.

For those who don't know, #birthphotography is a relatively new, and quickly growing, form of photography. It's a style of photography geared towards capturing and telling the story of one of the most special times in life, for parents and child, through photos.

Many think that this would be specifically for mommies who have #homebirths. And while, yes, home births are a great time to hire a #birthphotographer; #hospitalbirths, or those who occur at a #birthingcenter are equally as wonderful an opportunity to include a birth photographer in your birth plan.

Being a grandmother who not only attended, but was front and center at the birth of my granddaughter, I remember details that my daughter and her husband cannot. And to this day I go back and enjoy the video and images from that glorious day.

I can remember as a child, hanging on every little word that my mother would say whenever the day of my birth became a topic of conversation. I cherish every little detail to this day. Now you can be sure that you can share that story not only by words, but also through images.

The role of a birth photographer is to remain a quiet by-stander, with only one function and purpose... to document your baby's birth story (#birthstory). A trained photographer will capture details, including timeline, locations, family members, support partners, etc. that mommy (and daddy) will NOT even notice, let alone remember. Mommy has other things to focus on that day! Your photos can be as modest, as you are comfortable with. I have had the honor to attend a few births in the last few years, and absolutely love capturing and creating these birth stories.

If you are #expecting a new #baby, and are considering hiring a birth photographer, but have questions, please reach out to MaddyLens Photography, Inc.

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