Newborn Sessions

Maddy just cannot resist a brand new baby and she will ultimately squeeze in a few snuggles, while she works with your precious newborn baby.  It is the highlight of her day and the reason she truly loves what she does.

Here again Maddy's attention to detail and catering to her client's needs creates a nurturing environment for you and your baby to enjoy for whatever amount of time you spend with Maddy.   

Our ultimate goal and style is to highlight your baby, and make them the star of the photograph.  Nothing else should compete for the center of attention in your baby's portrait.

All sessions include:

  • A one on one pre-consultation

  • Access to all in-studio gowns, wraps, newborn outfits and accessories

  • One on One Styling Assistance

  • Personalized review and ordering session

Please note:

  • Print product and digital files are purchased separately during the Review and Ordering Session.

  • Print packages start at $400 and range through $1200.  Most clients will spend approximately $600-800 in print and digital products.

  • Hair and Make Up Services can be arranged for additional fee

Each baby is totally unique, and requires individual attention and care, to obtain the best results, based on baby's tolerance and flexibility.

Newborns portraits are typically scheduled between 4 and 21 days old.  While every baby is different, and have their own rhythm, based on experience, the most ideal time is between days 5 and 10.  This will differ if your baby is a preemie and requires a hospital stay after birth.  


MaddyLens Photography will only accept a predetermined amount of newborns each month.  Newborns are scheduled in advance based on due date.  It is best to book your session as early as possible in your pregnancy to assure availability.  Then once you deliver, you may call the studio to schedule the specific date and time slot for your session.   Leading up to your newborn session, further details and information will be provided to best prepare you and your baby for your session.  But the most important part to remember is that, once you arrive at the studio... Maddy will take care of everything. ... so just sit back, relax, don't stress, and ENJOY the process. 

Due to the nature of the business a non-refundable reservation fee (equal to 50% of your overall session fee) is required to reserve and guarantee your slot. 

Sleepy Baby Session

Your baby is the center of your attention from the moment she was born.  In like manner, you prefer a session to focus exclusively on the new member of your family.  The Sleepy Baby Session is your answer. 

Sleepy Baby Session Includes:

  • 1-3 hour Portrait Session at the Maddylens Photography studio

  • Artist's time and attention to the details for your session, selecting colors, props, outfits, and accessories that will complement your baby

  • This session is for newborn baby only.  Sibling and parent shots are not included

  • 10-15 images are presented to you in your gallery for your selection during the Review and Ordering Session


Family Snuggles Session

Get your first family portrait all snuggled together with you, new baby, your significant other and siblings. (Up to Family of 4.)  **The tolerance and cooperation of siblings between ages 1 and 4 will be assessed at the time of shooting, and adjustments/appropriate posing recommended.


  • 2-4 hour portrait session at the MaddyLens Photography portrait studio

  • Beanbag sets for newborn, along with a family and sibling sets

  • Newborn session preparation guide

  • Access to our Client Wardrobe for Mom and newborn

  • 15-30 images are presented to you for you to choose from


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