MaddyLens Photography Studio

The studio is a light and airy home away from home for our clients, and a spacious, well equipped, versatile space for photographers, videographers, other artists or groups.  It is located at 7606 Margate Blvd, Margate, FL 33063.

It's open and airy design makes it flexible enough to create a variety of sets, and looks for your session. For the creatives (photographers, videographers and other artists) an ample, well lit and airy space can clear the mind for creative ideas to flow freely and the music of your choice can inspire and motivate.  A variety of "sets" are available to cover a wide gamut of photography styles with studio lighting set ups, or even natural light if desired (given the right time of day and appropriate weather).

If you need a:

  • Place to meet with clients to privately, and comfortably display your work for a client's review/sales session;

  • Indoor spacious location to shoot a session;

  • Location to shoot a video to market your business, product, or service;

  • To meet with a small group for a class, workshop, conference, etc.

Please call Maddy at 754-307-9412 for studio hourly rental rates and to reserve your session time.