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The day has arrived!  Your contractions are coming closer together, your bag is packed and you are on the way to the hospital.  You and your support team will be completely focused on keeping you comfortable.  Your birth photographer will be focused on capturing the story of your baby's birth. 

Now, imagine 5 or 6 years down the road, your child asks you to tell them about the day they were born.  You retrieve your birth album, and sit down with your child and thumb through the album and not only share the story... but also share the photos.  Such a special bonding moment, showing your child that they were so special to you that you made sure to have their arrival captured!  

Maddy has witnessed, and photographed births since 2015, enjoying every single opportunity!  Birth photography is a relatively new practice, but who can negate that the birth of a new baby is as big an event as any, deserving of being captured, so that you and your family may cherish it for decades. 

Birth appointments are very limited, inquire with Maddy as early in your pregnancy as possible.


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