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On an almost daily basis, we take lots of phone pictures of our children and your phone and social media pages are full of snapshots and posts, maybe even some videos of your baby.   However, all too often we lose the phone, it gets dropped, damaged, wet, stop working for some reason and all the images are lost right along with it.  Additionally, consider what happened to images previously posted on 'My Space' years ago? If you're like most of us... we've lost those pictures forever, because few if any were ever printed.   Additionally, have you realized that most new laptops and computers, no longer have a CD player?  I know I still have images on CD in a drawer somewhere in a drawer or storage box in the back of a spare closet...somewhere, where they aren't being enjoyed. 

We here at MaddyLens Photography, believe strongly in the mission of helping parents create printed portraits of your children at this moment in time, to assure that images are not lost or forgotten in a virtual world.   That’s why you want to contact us today to start planning a fun photo shoot that your child will enjoy.  As south Florida's premiere portrait photographer, Maddy will do just that, while also producing portraits that you cannot wait to display in your home.  

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