About Maddy

Maddy is a photographer who cares about the legacy we all leave behind through our images.  She is a wife, mother, and grandmother, and has always valued the story and even legacy that photos and photo albums tell and share.

Despite being the family's photo historian, she only has one out-of-focus snapshot of her biological father, before he passed away, zero photos of her mother while she was pregnant, or any of herself as an infant.  She recognizes the value that photography, can provide.  


"Through my experiences I know how important having portraits of yourself in the present, will become in the future. Therefore, capturing your portraits in all stages of life, in a timeless manner is extremely important to me."

All too often women will be so focused on taking care of others, that we do not take the time to capture our own story.  You are beautiful now... today.  Don't allow time to pass you by, and miss the opportunity capture, appreciate and preserve your story.