Maddy is a photographer who cares about the legacy we all leave behind through our images.  She is a wife, mother, and grandmother, and has always valued family photos and photo albums.

Despite being the family's photo historian, she only has one out of focus snapshot of her biological father, before he passed away, and having never seen a photo of her mother while pregnant with her, or any as a newborn.  She recognizes the sense of belonging, and value that family photography, especially of the ever so short infancy stage, can provide to a child.  This is why she is drawn and compelled to maternity, birth and newborn photography.  It is such a time of tenderness, newness, awe, wonder and hope.  A stage that allows us a peek into the miracle that is life, that it inspires me to capture it in a way that showcases it's natural beauty, softness and grandness.   My goal is to make sure your family feels included, cherished and loved through portraits for many years to come.

Through my experiences I know how important having photographs of the present will become in the future. Therefore, capturing your maternity, birth and newborn portraits in a classic, and timeless manner is extremely important to her. 

Caution though... Pregnancy and newborn stage is such a fleeting a moment.  While it may feel like forever when you are pregnant... it really passes extremely quickly.  And once it's done... it's done.  Don't miss this short window of time to capture the beauty of this pregnancy through a maternity portrait, birth, newborn, or other portrait session with Maddy.

About Maddy

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