About Kate

We all have our personal journey...some are just starting out on theirs, and some are finding new pathways to take. Every experience, every challenge, every tragedy and every triumph brings us ever closer to realizing our true self. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a professional, and so, so much more. My journey has been bitter and it has been sweet beyond measure! Here, today is where my journey has taken me, and I feel more confident, sensual, beautiful and powerful than ever before. I can confidently proclaim, "I am a Goddess"!

When was the last time that you felt that way? When was the last time you could honestly say, "I LOVE who I am...right here, right now"? 

It is my mission and my passion to help women feel beautiful, sexy and empowered in their own skin! No matter your age, no matter your weight, no matter your "imperfections", no matter what lemons life has hurled your way, you are unique and beautiful! Let me help you to realize your true self...your inner Goddess!

I hope to welcome you into our Council of Goddesses soon!